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Mike Holmes fixes Bike at Schwinn Cyclery

At Schwinn, customer satisfaction is imperative. We are dedicated to providing exceptional service to all of our customers, quickly and efficiently. Bike maintenance is important and we know that you want and deserve the most high-quality service. That is why our AAA Service is unmatched elsewhere. We want to keep your bike running like new, without taking up valuable riding time; and that is our commitment.

Next Day Services All Brands

Mike fixes Bike
  • Drop off your bike for all repairs and we will have it ready our next business day.
  • Full service for all makes and models (even bikes from Walmart, K-mart, and Toy’s “R” us ).
  • A free 30 day check comes with all our new bikes!
  • Call ahead and we will try to do your check-up ASAP

Tire & Lube

When removing tires or tubes, always use tire tools to remove the tire from the rim. Using a screwdriver or other tool will damage the tire and your tube ( a set of three tire tools costs less than a new tube).

When installing a new tire or tube, try to use only your hands to put the tire back on the rim. Even tire tools may puncture the new tube when you use them.


To install a tire:

  • First, mount one side of the tire on the rim.
  • Second, put a small amount of air into the tube (just enough to fill it round).
  • Third, slip the tube into the tire and the valve through the rim hole. Starting at the valve hole, work both directions around the rim so that the valve stays straight.
  • Now, let some of the air out of the tube and work from the valve to pull the second side of the tire onto the rim. Again, work both sides away from the valve so that the valve stays straight.
  • When the tire is almost on and becoming hard to install, let out all the air from the tube.
  • When the tire is completely mounted, air to about 10 lbs and check that the tire is seated firmly and straight on the rim so that there are no high or low spots.
  • Lastly, slowly air tire to the recommended psi. as noted on the side of the tire.

Home Maintenance

Get your bike tire fixed
  • The most important thing to keep your bicycle running smooth and trouble free is to keep it clean.
  • Simple wipe down of the frame rims and components every couple times you ride will keep things manageable.
  • Use your lubricants lightly on the chain and pivot points on derailleurs. Don’t over-lube as this will pick up sand and cause faster than normal ware.
  • Air and check tire condition every time you ride. If you check for small slivers of glass, you might catch a flat before it happens.
  • Remove sand burs (stickers)!!! If you leave them they will give you a flat.
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